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«  Movement is life » 


COUE Valérie
Osteopath D.O MROF
Consults at her surgery by appointment

From Monday to Saturday 9am-7pm
An assistant is avaible
on Wednesdays and Saturdays

Osteopathy IS my life.
02 41 92 28 42
N°ADELI : 490000106

Naturally the right choice :

  • Empathy
  • Experience
  • Commitment
  • Adaptability


Who is your osteopath?

COUE Valérie, whose surgery is situated at 28 rue meignan in SEGRE 49 500 (a few metres from la Jardinerie Rétif), has exercised osteopathy since September 1996 in Haut-Anjou.

Initial Training

  • 1994 : qualified in Osteopathy D.O (B.C.O.A.T) in Paris in collaboration with the B.S.O in London and the B.C.N.O in Oxford.
  • 1995 : humanitarian mission in Lomé, Togo in the marenity hospital ( following pregnancies, births and looking after the babies after birth).
  • 2001 : university degree in SPORT and Health ( BOBIGNY University of Health-Medicine-Human Biology)

Participation in Professionnal Groupings

  • 1999 : membre of l'U.F.O.F - Union Fédérale des Ostéopathes de France
  • 2000 : membre of l'A.O - Académie d'Ostéopathie de France
  • 2002 : membreof R.O.F - Registre des Ostéopathes de France

I will take care of you no matter what your age and when in your life : babies, children, teenagers, pregnant women, adults, seniors, sports people ...

I will relieve your problems/pain and allow you to stay in shape by using manual techniques adapted and varied to your case.

What has osteopathy brought me in my life ?

Osteopathy has changed my life. First of all, as a patient, I practised much sport in my childhood. Terrible back pain was with me throughout my teenage growth. An osteopath relieved my suffering and took into account my body as a whole : this is what made me so passionate about osteopathy. Since then it has been a magnificient journey !

Being an osteopath, is not only practising a manual medicine, but a way of life.

Being an osteopath, is making your way in life, keeping in mind that «  Osteopathy is always and yet the anatomy » A.T STILL founder of osteopathy.

Being an osteopath, is to put into practise philosophical principles of osteopathy in life.



COUE Valérie has developed her patients, in osteopathy, thanks to her following values :

  • Listening
  • Availability
  • Rigueur
  • Humility
  • Confidentiality

COUE Valérie practises osteopathy always bearing in mind these values and in respecting the deontology and the referentials of the profession.

COUE Valérie considers herself above all a true partner to her patient with whom the confidence/trust is fundamental.

« Osteopaths are particularly interested in hygene and prevention of illness. Their unique ambition is to make life more comfortable to add to its joys by making people physically and socially apt to enjoy it » J.M.Littlejohn.

The nutrition is fundamental for structural vitality.

Osteopaths treat the issue. Patients maintain the correction in doing exercises.

L'Ostéopathie est une méthode :  


L'ostéopathie, c'est la précision juste sous mes mains.

Osteopathy is about the precision just under my hands

«L'ostéopathie : deux mains pour vous soigner »



Coue Valérie

28 Rue Meignan
49500 - SEGRE
Tél : 02 41 92 28 42
Email :
Siret : 40906121500029

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